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Demi is a British International film and television actress and Content Creator born & raised in London. Demi grew up in London in the beautiful town Greenwich famously known where GMT is (Greenwich Mean Time). 


Demi Mann took her first steps on the stage at her school plays in Greenwich and was fascinated with the world of film and cinema art from Hollywood films to Bollywood films and knew this is the career she wanted to pursue. 

Demi is a classically trained Actress having attended top schools including RADA (Royal Academy OF Dramatic Arts). Demi graduated from The University of The Arts London. She has starred in multiple Film, Television, Commercials, Short Films from playing the lead role in a BBC Commercial to starring in award winning Feature Film Frank and Ava the movie & starring in T.V Series & Films

Demi landed a role in the award winning Frank & Ava feature film and is also been casted as the lead in a major Television Series playing the role of Carol Britton in Starblessed and a L.A.P.D Officer in Emergency: LA & just recently landed a Lead role playing the role of Sanjana in a feature film with Parvin Dabas (Monsoon Wedding) and Anupam Kher (Silver Lining Playbook, The Big Sick). Demi is known by her fans for talented work as an Actress. 

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